P2G – Project Gaming Girls – English Page

What’s P2G?

P2G is the abbreviation of Project gaming girls
“We are going to magnify the movement of the girls who enjoy video games community”
As our goal.

The reason
for forming a team

In the existing gaming community, there is a side that is difficult to include girls. Simply, not only is the population of girls in comparison to boys is not a lot, it is such a rarity to see a girl gamer, so for bad or for good, they draw attention. And because of such a small thing, there girls who end up quitting gaming.

At this rate, there will not be an increase in girls who enjoy games joining the community. Games were meant to be fun. If there is an increase in girls who enjoy gaming, we can cheer for all of them, which is us, P2G.

What we will be doing

We will be:
Increase the amount of girls who enjoy gaming.
We will support girls who enjoy games.

That is it. This is all we ask of members who hope to join us.
Playing games in a fun, carefree find of way.
Let’s have an exchange of players who go to offline events and players who just enjoy playing games.

We will directly support members who aren’t afraid of exposure to media, but also we will fully support those who shy away from those things, and only want to focus on games.
We will also support those who want to challenge themselves and go to out of the country.
We P2G want to stress that we want each individual member to make their own image of “Having a ongoing relationship with gaming”.
Also, we want to share all of these memories with members and everyone else, as to spread one circle at a time.

Dosukoi Hanako
Professional female gamer.
Loves video games since early childhood, and since then lives and breathes games everyday.

Using the power of promotion, she has her hand in many events among many other things.

A player from the Tokai area.
Her main game is Street Fighter V, and she has over 25000 LP. She enters tournaments and has been gaining popularity.

She is a Japanese streamer who loves games, cats, and being an idle.
Hearthstone: Legend rank
CLASH ROYALE: Official personality

Here is a link to her stream →https://www.twitch.tv/yucco49

Dosukoi Hanako
She fought bravely at the splatoon nationals. With all of her powerful energy, she can make those around her laugh.

She is here to teach people games aren’t all about winning, they are about laughing and having fun as well! We are expecting a lot from her.

The platform for the live stream is going to be the community manager, Mirrativ.
While using it, it streams and takes videos of the action on its own. It will get in the heart of the Puzzles& Dragons and CLASH ROYAL game play. Through the stream or Twitter we will be exchanging info with friends while playing at our own pace.

This is the link to https://www.mirrativ.com/user/31163.